Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mini Haul; H&M, Boots, Zara and more

Yesterday, I went shopping with my mum, and also had a little <positive> rant over sunglasses along with H&M.
Please excuse the date on these photos; It obviously isn't the 17 of Jan.

Bourjois Nail Polish- which my mum insisted on

 Rimmel Blush- £7,99 
003 Autumn Catwalk 
3 in 1 Powder blush

 Smokey Eye Brush by H&M £1,99
(My M.A.C angled  brush was in a condition I shall not speak of)


Rimmel-"Kate" lipstick in the colour '13'
It smells really amazing, and the pomegranate, coral colour is truly gorgeous!

Astor Big and Beautiful; Play it BIG.Lash extension mascara

Zara Women-
4,99 roll on eu de toilet 

Zara Women-
3 pack- 8,99
1193, Narying West Rd, Shanghai
92 Champs Elysees, Paris
11, Corso Vitorio Emanuele, Milan


 H&M Necklace-2
H&M 3,99

H&M Top- 15

H&M dress-15
H&M Dress-20

H&M shorts-20

 Long story short, I spent lots of money on summer clothes, and now thinking about it. Its early spring.YAY. 
All of my purchases are not pictured as I've left them in my dads car, and he's at work, as I am writing this.
Items not pictured:
-Adidas black and purple running shoes
- Fake Creepers (the sole off of my real ones fell off)
-sports clothing
and hygiene essentials, like liquid soap(ahah)
I also ordered lots of stuff at and
which should be arriving soon.