Sunday, 14 April 2013

TAG! Deadly Sins of Beauty!

Happy Sunday!

My Spring break is coming to an end & I am not too happy about that. But, in a few weeks I'm going to be off again so its not all bad.

Lets jump right in!:

GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?

Most inexpensive; is my Barry M lipgloss Which I got for free (YAY)

 It is very shimmery and can 'pale you out' especially when you use one of the paler colours. 
But, if you apply a bright lipstick underneath it, it really looks subtle and really great! 

 Most Expensive Beauty Item in my everyday make up bag is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Eye shadow Palette which was £36!  Originally, I bought it as a gift and didn't actually had it over.. soo. 

WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with?

My Rimmel Scandal'eyes Mascara £6,99

GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
Burts Bees Pomegranate Lip balm & Burts Bees Peppermint Lip balm
Sorry about the stock photo.

I actually didn't realise that they were available in the UK, so I ordered them from the states, without smelling them. I only read reviews before hand. So, when I seen them in Debenhams and Boots on the same day, I went crazy. and bought 4. separately. Not even in a multipack. 

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?

Full lip of dark, dull lipstick. Most of the time, I go with tinted lip balms, or a coral lipstick, or lip gloss. But, I love my oranges!

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?

Foundation, Concealer, and BB creams...
My current favourite BB cream is Garnier's Original BB cream, which I need to get another tube of.

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?

Sense of humour, style, hard-working, kind, supportive...The list goes on! 

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift? 

I'm not really sure, It really depends on the time of year, my mood and stuff like that.. But, I am currently on the hunt for the Canon EOS 600D. Which I have been looking at and snooping for a while.

I hope you have enjoyed the '7 Deadly Sins of Beauty Tag'. Feel free to comment, leave requests in the comments and follow..

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