Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Update

Recently, I went on an unexpected trip to Europe which explains the lack of action on here (which I am really sorry about). But don't be sad! I made sure to take lots of pictures and videos to share with you guys. 
On the 27th of July, I got on the ferry at Dover, England for a two hour journey. I ended up in Dunkirk, France and drover all the way to Germany for a christening.(I have a son now! YAY) It was REALLY hot, over 35'C. I loved it. I stayed there for a couple of days and continued my journey to my grandmas house, which is 5 mins away from the Baltic. Sun, sea, the beach and friends. Could you ask for anything more? I stayed there for 2 weeks and after too many nostalgic goodbyes, I made my way back to France and then home. This fun trip made me sit in a car for a total of 52hrs. It was worth it I think. 
More pictures coming soon

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