Sunday, 15 September 2013

Friday the 13th

I'll tell you guys a little story of how I dropped my 9 months old iPhone 5 into the toilet at exactly 6:58am on Friday the 13th.
Well, I tried to get up at 10 to 7, but that didn't work as my Instagram feed seemed more important than looking like a human on a school morning. I decided to get up at 5 to, but before I dragged myself to the bathroom(felt light-headed approx. 6 times whilst being enroute) I spinned around to get into my desired sitting position but before I could even start sitting I heard a big BLOP/BOOM/DEATH of my iPhone in the toilet. For two seconds of that I prayed for the phone to be beside the toilet or on the toilet seat.. but no. it went straight in for the goal. I took it out immediately and tried to unlock it. It didn't work. I ran downstairs with a hand towel I grabbed from the bathroom as I ran, then grabbed a hair dryer and dried my phone with the cold option.God, I was crying like someone died by now.
I went to school with an old Nokia, adopting the nickname of 'brick' for the rest of the month.
My phone is now in a bag of rice and feels OK. Thanks for asking. 
I tried to switch it on yesterday(14th) at about 5pm, it worked fine, but I decided to keep it in the bag and rice till Sunday evening. If it doesn't work;as it still is in warranty, I'm claiming accidental damage or something. 
But lets all pray that it works, and I'll be able to get insurance. 
Also, how do you feel about the new iPhones?
5s and 5c?
I'm not the biggest fan of 5c but 5s doesn't seem much different from my 5. I <3 MINES SO FREAKING MUCH. 
5 vs 5s
Is it true that they are discontinuing the 5?NOOO?
note: I was hugging and kissing mine the day before I dropped it. What even is life?

                    iPhone UPDATE COMING SOON 

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