Sunday, 8 September 2013

September So Far?

How has your September been so far?
Mine has been very eventful, and quite fine. I'm liking it. 

If yours hasn't been that great, make yourself feel better by reading this Motivational <gym> Craze post. Writing it helped me get motivated and go to the gym; so it might help you stay motivated throughout the month of September. 

How have you been keeping to your check list from last week?
I know I have, people have even been asking what I've been doing to look so much different? (In a positive way, I hope)

On the first day of year 11, as I was walking onto school property I got stopped by a teacher (that no one likes)
because of my trousers that were apparently too tight (straight leg trousers with Lycra, wtf?)
therefore I sat in the Dinner Hall for more than 3hrs, missing all of the morning lessons, getting my timetable, planner, and exam results from last year because of trousers that ended up being 'ok' after a civil argument. 
Enough of my rant. 
In the comments below leave your beginning of September stories, or do a post about it on your blog and leave links below. 
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