Sunday, 27 October 2013

TAG: Beauty A~Z

Who doesn't love a good quick and easy tag? I know I do!

Age; 16. Read all about my Birthday Week here. Also, there is a birthday outfit OOTD coming soon stay tuned!
Bed size; King.
It slides out into a huuuge kingsize, I love it!
Chore you hate; changing bedding. But I also love it at the same time. I love PILLOWS!
Dogs: Probably when I'm old.
Essential start of your day: moisturise
Favourite colour; oh, this is a complicated one. Well, I absolutley adore black for clothing, but overall I love orange and pastels.Its hard!
Gold or Silver; Silver
Height; 170cm or 5'7
Instruments; well, i am not a musically talented person at all. 
I can play twinkle twinkle and Happy Birthday on the keyboard (curtosy of my terrible music teachers in school)
Job Title; Professional student (heh, how creative)
Kids; nope, not yet.
Live; England.
Mums house; England
Nickname: majotron, maha, shawty, J, the list goes on.
O; Oreos?
Pet peeve; people that say they're 'so confused'... like wtf, there is nothing to be confused about.
Quote from a movie; "To punish and enslave"-Transformers.   
Right of left handed; Righty
Siblings; nope
Time you wake up; 7am on a weekday 
Underwear; I'm obsessed.
Vegetables you dislike; erm I like most vegetables so I'm not sure. 
What makes me run late; eating. I always forget to eat and realise that i need to eat two mins before i actually need to leave. 
Xray; dentist
Zoo animal; er, what? fish?

WOW. This wasn't as easy as i thought. well it rocked!

I hope you have a great rest of the day and week!
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