Sunday, 3 November 2013

≡Meet the Blogger

Finally! I have been waiting for a good enough TAG to do with you all that could get me to know you a bit better and vice versa. 
Lets hop right in!

On the Outside:

- Name:  Maja pronounced like Maya or Maia
- Eye Color: blue/green/grey
- Hair Style/color: brown
- Height: 5’7 1/2
- Clothing style: everything that I could rock, I rock it
- Best physical feature: hair before I got it all chopped off.
On The Inside:

- Your fears: That I'll constantly make the wrong decisions.
- Your guilty pleasure: Golden Grahams and Disney
- Ambitions for the future: AMERICA

- Your first thoughts waking up: Is this really happening.
-What you think about before bed: I usually think about the songs that I’m listening (I sleep with headphones on)
- You think your best quality is: I'm very good at keeping secrets, and my acting skills are unbelievable 
What’s better?
- Single or group dates:It really depends on what you're going to do and where you're going. Both are great!
- To be loved or respected: Should this even be one of the questions? Both obviously.
- Beauty or brains: Yet again, stupid question... Both
- Dogs or cats: I don't even know. Dogs? 
Do you:
- Lie: I really hate liars and small little white lies.
- Believe in yourself: Yes! I have to!
- Believe in love: Yes!
- Want someone: Yes!
- Been on stage: YES! But lets not speak of it.
- Done drugs: Does paracetamol count?
- Changed who you were to fit in: I learned not very early on in my life and gained lots of great friends from that sooo, don't be afraid to be yourself! I'm sure you're great!
- Favorite color: Black or darks for clothes and orange for everything else
- Favorite animal: I don't really have one
- Favorite movie: Transformers, Twilight Saga, Iron Man, Pirates of the Caribbean and stuff like this. I love movies! 
- Favorite game: The Sims and GTA (I've recently been rocking GTA V on my PS3)
- Day your next birthday will be: october 20, 2015.
- How old will you be: I’ll be 17!
- Does age matter: Once you're legal then no, not really.

I tag you to do this tag!
Its actually pretty fun to do!
I hope you have a great rest of the day and week!
Make sure to leave reviews, links and more in the comments section, I love reading and replying to them!