Monday, 9 December 2013

TAG: It's All About Me

I recently discovered Zoes 'It's All About Me' tag which I loved(bear in mind that its from 2009) 

Lets hop right in!:
Vital Statistics:
Me: Maja
Nicknames: Maha, Mag, Majotron, Shawty, theres so many!
Birthday: 20th October
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Male or Female: Female
Occupation: School
Residence: North East UK
Screen Name: Majotron


Hair Colour: Brown

Hair Length: Long

Eye colour: Blue

Best Feature: Eyes

Height: 5'7

Braces?: Nope, never 

Glasses?: Nope

Piercing: Ears

Tattoos: None.

Righty or Lefty: Righty

Your 'Firsts':

First best friend: I have lots of bestfs
First Award: In year two or three I won a country wide art comp. Nothing Interesting

First Sport You Joined: Balet, but it was only for 1 year.

First Concert: Does High School Musical count?


Movie: I cant decide.

TV Show: now way that I'm deciding

Colours: Orange, and black for clothing.

Song: gah, I can't choose

Candy: oo, chocolate?

Restaurant: Nandos? T.G.I.Fridays? something along those lines.

Store: Again..cant pick one.

School: Favourite school? what?

Book: The High Heels series, Twilights?

Magazine: Glamour, Vogue, Cosmo

Shoes: Pumps and boots


Feeling: Tired and happy

Single or Taken: Single Pringle

Eating: Jaffa Cakes

Typing: erm, this?

Online: everything

Listening To: watching my dad play GTA V. Yay?

Thinking About: my bed as always

Wanting: Bed

Watching: TVand computer screen

Wearing: Super Cosy Primark tights and a black vest with an oversized thick cardi


Want Children?: Probably

Want to be Married: Yep

Careers in Mind: Theres so many!-too many.

Where do you want to live?:  California, US

Have you ever:

Kissed a Stranger: oh, maybe?

Ran Away From Home: erm, no & and I'm not planning to

Broken a bone: Nope!

Got an X-ray: Does the dentist count?

Broken Someone's Heart: Yes

Broke Up With Someone: Yes

Cried When Someone Died: Yes

Cried At School: aha, I even got a tear this friday when I walked into a pole. I still have a red mark.

Do You Believe In:

God: probably
Miracles: No

Love At First sightNo

Ghosts: No

Aliens: No

Soul Mates: Yes

Heaven: probably

Hell: probably

Kissing on The First Date: Why not?

Yourself: I try to.

Wasn't that a nice and relaxing Sunday afternoon?
Now, flick the kettle as I tag you!

I hope you have a great rest of the day and week!
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