Sunday, 12 January 2014


The New Year bring change for many, it doesn't matter if its that one thing you have been waiting for or the thing you've been dreading the most. 
Admit it, change is good. 
I've been so sucked into my routine so much that I forgot what life is really about. 
You have been warned. 
Don't be scared of change as it could be & probably is the only thing that will get you to where you want to be. 
To prepare myself for a big change in my life soon which is going to collage I changed my room around; stupid, I know. I thought to myself that if I surround myself with the people and items I love them my life will be great; and so far it is. 
Lets not forget the most important reason change is good, since I want to wow at collage *mischievous giggle* I need to take proper care of my body, I need to finally start my resolutions (yep, I STILL haven't ate all of my Christmas chocolate) and basically get healthy. I doesn't get easier than that.
Change is good, but never change who you are. 

What were your resolutions and have you even began them yet? Or can you not even pause pone them?

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