Sunday, 16 February 2014

Beginnings of MAC Fever

We've all been there, stood at a cosmetics counter drooling over beauties that are so close yet so far. 
I spoke to a lovely member of staff called Jess who actually invited me to sit down at a station and get my foundation and powder matched. We had a lovely conversation and she finished also carried on and finished off the rest of my face. I had such a lovely time!

Jess gave me two samples of the Studio Sculpt-fix- foundation as it is full coverage which turns out, I need right now, in NW13 and NW20. I decided to also splurge on a new powder as my Rimmel Stay Matte definitely needs a break. I got the Mineralise Skinfinish in medium for £22. 
So far so good. I really like the look it gives, it really warms up my face and gives it a full finished look. 

What do you think of MAC products? The 'Saigon Summer' lipstick is my all time orange fave!
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