Wednesday, 5 February 2014

DIY: Wicker Hearts with Flowers

Recently, I went on an excursion to my local Ikea and really knocked myself out with decorative pieces for my room. Candles, mostly candles.

I spotted these beauties (1)

(1) First, collect everything you need which are basically wicker hearts and flowers or anything that you'd like to plait into your wicker shapes/

(2) Secondly, grab a flower (these are fake because they'd probably rot or totally dry out if they were real) & push it all the way through between the wicker plaits. Then, push and pull the stem in and out through the wicker but be careful, you don't want to see the stem from the front of the hearts. 

(3) Lastly, after you have plaited all of your flowers and decorations into flowers make sure you can't see any bits of the stem and the flowers aren't scrunched and are beautifully presented. 

How easy was that? It looks so nice and it literally takes less than a few minutes. I personally think that I really outdone myself- its such a good idea!

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