Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sally Hansen Sugar Coats

Recently, I've been letting myself go wild at Boots. I think it needs to stop. I was rummaging through the Sally Hansen counter and came across lovely shades of their sugar coats. 
I treat myself to two different shades that I thought would be perfect for spring. 

I did a first impressions post on these available to read here.
For £7.99 each they're sort of a steal.
At first, I loved the idea of a texture on my nails and I still do; I really do, but I was disappointed that they after I waited hours for it to dry and apply more coats it peeled off. I hardly did anything that day (made food and blogged a bit)  it cracked, peeled and bothered me so much I couldn't have it on for more than that day.

I also think that I need to invest in a quick drying topcoat as waiting ages for each coat to dry is such a chore for me. 
Do you have an suggestions? Help.

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