Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Company Mascara Freebie Review

Recently; the lovely Zoe from Zoella was featured on the cover of Company's April cover. The issue came with a free mascara that was supposed to 'swoosh your way to catwalk lashes' and well, it didn't. 

To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for a free mascara but you never know, it could have wowed us. 
The first layer looked like I had my lashed feathered and applied water paints on them lash by lash. So I applied a layer on the bottom lashes, swooshed across the top layer of my top lashes and tried my best to make them look as good as possible. 
I decided to add another layer of mascara considering the fact that I had to manage with them for the next 8 hours. It didn't make them look any better. It made my lashes stick together and chunk up to bits. It didn't look that appealing so while still damp, I knocked on a layer of the Falsies and was ready to rocks. 

What a waste. I think I might have had high hopes considering it was a Zoe issue.
What do you think of this mascara if you did get the chance to try it? OR, what do you think of the pictures? Do you know what I can do to make it look better?