Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Guys, its upon us. It's Mother's Day on the 30th - next SUNDAY!

This year; being the great daughter that I am, I already have all of her gifts wrapped and ready!...
...and if you forgot, or still unsure about what to get then this is where I come in. 

Rule number 1:
You can never go wrong with a bunch of flowers and a card (& any maybe some cake. Everyone loves free cake)

Clinique Daily defenders £39 at Debenhams

If you aren't so tight on budget then a beauty & makeup sets/ packages are also so nice!
This was my original idea but I ended up splurging on something else just yesterday! Top daughter here.

Noir Couture Set Red Carpet Look Gift Set for £45.50

Eye shadow palettes and 
brush sets 
(probably my mums favourite)

Tiffany and Co. Mum heart tag £85

Also, jewelry is a very easy yet very successful gift.
(works every time) 

Have you gotten everything you needed?