Saturday, 10 May 2014

End of Compulsory Education.

On the 9th of May 2014,(YESTERDAY!- I had such a great night with nearly the whole year at a beach!) my schools year 11 (that's me) broke up for study leave. This means revision, exams and parties (and then more parties) & then Prom! I couldn't be more excited! 

We rocked the hell out of 'Stacy's Mom' and Calvin Harris' 'Summer'- I will miss sooo many people!

I have 20 odd exams to do but I still cant believe that I've left school! No more uniforms and teachers forcing you to be the bestest of friends with the people that aren't your favourite.

But, to be honest I loved the 5 years of my life even if the first 3 dragged extremely. I am extremely thankful for coming across  so many amazing people! I really loved year 10 and 11!

I promise to revise and do my best however this means that posts might not be as frequent however, I promise to post as much as I can!

In September I am heading to sixth form & doing four subjects: A level Psychology, IT, Media and Textiles.
Best of Luck to everyone doing exams this year! 
Also, what is the best way of revising? what are your favourite techniques that work for you?

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