Sunday, 13 July 2014

Kylie Jenner Hair Revolution

So recently, Kylie has been changing her hair up a lot from her long dark locks through ombré and blue to a beautiful short sort-of-bobby cut and I have been obsessed.

December 2013
Still looking fabulous rocking her really long locks just last year.
January 2014
Her lighter long-bob tendencies are showing which I was so happy about I literally couldn't stop staling her tag on Tumblr.

February 2014
Kylie went a little lighter and a little shorter again.

 March-April 2014
Kylie chalked her hair green and blue at Coachella this year.

May 2014
In May, KJ dyed her hair permanently blue and revealed her secret for perfect hair! I was super excited about this because I found out that she uses similar (in fact, exact same) products as I use.

June 2014
On the 10th of June Kylie went green and then back to dark blue.

Then, four days later she went 'back to black' as she posted on Instagram that night. 

Until today Kylie s rocking perfectly black hair which the whole world is obsessing over, including me. 

What look did you love on Kylie the most?
I loved her long bob, coachella hair and jet black hair.