Friday, 26 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope each and every one of you is having a great christmas surrounded with love and happiness. Can you believe it's boxing day? how crazy...
This time of year is definitely my favourite; spending time with your family and drinking hot beverages and eating your body weight in food is glorious. 

5 Christmas facts about me:
Real trees are the way forward. Fake trees are for shop windows and shop windows only. However, if you have multiple trees like I do then one odd fake tree thats in your front porch is totally fine. I won't judge you. 

I start obsessing with autumn, then winter, then christmas right after my birthday on the 20th of October which starts all the festivities off for everyone. I just love it!

My family and I open our presents on Christmas Eve after a huuuuge meal of 12 dishes (yes, we have to try all of them), then eat cakes, open presents and watch Christmas films. 

Not to be big headed or anything, but I am the best gift giver.

My favourite Christmas songs are 'Rocking a Around the Christmas Tree' and 'Merry Christmas Everyone'- such classics.

Comment below what some of your Christmas traditions are, I'll love to read them!